Somalia: Radio Dalsan is the center for conspiring journalists


It is not something new to hear in Africa that a radio station has taken part in fueling tense situations in the continent.

It is worldwide known that an FM radio station in Kigali Rwanda has immensely taken part in the 1994 genocide in the country wide in which millions of innocent people have lost their precious lives in a short time of period.

Similarly we all remember that a prominent Kenyan journalist by the name Arap Sang who is now under higher and thorough interrogation at the International Criminal Court at Hague is believed to have taken part in the mass killing during the upraise of the 2007 election in the country.

After the collapse of the last effective central government of Somalia which was under the late regime of Mohamed Siyaad Barre in 1991, the country has gone into a longtime lawlessness, and this has given the chance to several people with political interest to install privately owned fm radio stations in the country.

The capital money in which Radio Dalsan was initially initiated with came from anti Alshabab concerts and the support of individuals who had special interest in the Somali politics.

Instantaneously the mangers of Radio Dalsan Hassan Ali Gesey and Mohamed Ibrahim Ali aka Mohamed Cajiib started taking part in the insecurity situation in the country especially in the capital Mogadishu.  The two managers are famous for looting lands, trading of Visas especially the Italian.

The chairperson of [CCA] who is  the owner of Radio Dalsan has men from his tribe whom he gives orders for organized killing of the Somali intellectuals and the journalists and in order to solve such situations he gets money from the European embassies in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

It can happen that you living somewhere out of the country [Somalia] what I am saying will seem surprise or ridiculous, but by doing such evil and satanic acts of killings it is beneficial to others.

Through some reliable sources inside Radio Dalsan It was confirmed that there is amicable relation between the chairman of CCA and Yoonis who is a member of Alshabab and just recently stamped by a section of the United Nations as the master-minder of the calculated killings in Somalia.

The chairman of CCA, the director of Radio Dalsan and Tabit Abdi are all associated in taking bribe money from individuals who are intending to be appointed for a post, and it’s Tabit who facilitates for that person to meet the President.

Part two coming up expect for it soon

By Willy Mugabi