Storm against CS Waiguru gathers pace


Pressure on beleaguered Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru to leave office continued to grow Wednesday with 40 more MPs, 30 of them from the Jubilee Coalition, backing a push to impeach her.

The revelation on Tuesday of apparent impropriety in procurement in her ministry provoked a furious reaction from MPs, some notably from the coalition she technically belongs to, as an appointee of the President.


Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, the sponsor of the motion, said the number of signatures appended to it had grown to 131, with the support of his colleagues from Jubilee being most significant.

“Many others are still calling me. The list is with the Clerk of the National Assembly so all who would want to support can sign there. I don’t know whether their bosses have advised them but I know this is a national crisis,” said Mr Keter.

He said the 30 Jubilee MPs who had appended their signatures were from Central and Upper Eastern regions, President Kenyatta’s stronghold, over which The National Alliance party is dominant.

The momentum against Ms Waiguru, who earlier in the day argued that she shouldn’t be held responsible for the scam at her ministry, grew, with Deputy Majority Whip Benjamin Washiali supporting her removal.

“Anne Waiguru, just one person, cannot hold the country at ransom ….  as if she is indispensable,” said Mr Washiali.