Senate upheld Constitution, Mvurya says


The Council of Governors has praised the Senate for rejecting a petition to impeach Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria on Friday.

The governor incurred the wrath of county assembly members who passed a Motion of impeachment, following allegations of corruption levelled against him.

Addressing journalists in Kwale Town on Sunday, CoG Vice-Chairman Salim Mvurya said the Senate had proved to Kenyans that the Constitution was alive.

“Our Constitution is not just a mere document; it is our country’s operational manual and it must be respected and followed to the letter,” he said.
By setting up high standards for impeaching governors, the Senate has set a precedence for the transitional period and beyond, said Mr Mvurya, who is also the Kwale governor.

And by “courageously and objectively” examining the issues before them, senators have sent a clear and resounding message that they were truly the Upper House, he added.

“The council salutes you men and women of, indeed, the Upper House for being guided by principles of integrity and good governance,” he said.

The governor affirmed that the council was aware of suspicions that billions of shillings were being siphoned from public coffers through embezzlement, fraud, bribery and mismanagement.

However, he said, the issues have to be settled through anti-graft initiatives without political interference or settling political scores.

“Oversight authority and anti-corruption efforts must remain unstained because, by not doing so, they will be rendered illegitimate and devoid of credibility in the eyes of the public,” he said.

Mr Mvurya congratulated Mr Wa Iria, adding that governors would not relent in their efforts to provide better livelihoods for their people.

Separately, the Kwale governor condemned utterances allegedly made by two MPs in the county, linking his government to corruption.

He said instead of the two leaders claiming that he was running a corrupt government, they should visit his office and the county assembly to verify such claims.

“My office is open and I am ready to answer any questions,” said Mr Mvurya.