Somalia:Human rights abuse culprit Hassan Shire part of scheme for human rights encroachment

865 – Human rights activists and journalists meeting in Mogadishu today put heavy blame on Kampala based Hassan Shire Sheikh for taking advantage from suffering of human rights defenders through swindling funds in the name of human rights in order to reach narrow and egotistical interests.

Hassan Shire Sheikh is known for defending his clan-man  who is current President of Somalia Hassan Shek Mohmud by purposefully concealing human rights violations done by Somali government and dishonouring victims of human rights  abuse so that he can protect the name of government of his clan-man Hassan Sheikh Mohmud.

A woman human rights defender from Afgoye who is in Mogadishu for protection but cannot be named for her security because she fears that Hassan Shire Sheikh will use militias to harm confirmed that Shire Sheikh told one of her co-workers not to talk about rape committed Somali government armed forced because it will kill reputation of government. Hassan shire stimulated Afgoye human rights defender to only turn on rape cases by AMISOM.

Several individuals who are not human rights defenders but have been militias of Hassan Shire Shekh receive money from Hassan’s NGO East Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders (EHAHRD) in Kampala in order for them to work for him inside his clan and build his clan base so that he can stand for presidential or ministerial position in future. These militias also openly intimidate anyone in Mogadishu who is against Hassan Shire Sheikh and government of Hassan Sheikh Mohmud.

Hassan Shire Sheikh is disreputable for indefatigably and secretly working to inform some members of international community that illegal imprisonment of a political activist Ali Yare by government was appropriate action because, according to Hassan Shire, Ali Yare was mounting coup against Hassan Sheikh government, and therefore deserved to be muzzled by force.

Partners in scheme with Hassan Shire are individuals whom Hassan Shire selected on basis of his clan that he comes from in order to harm genuine Somali human rights defenders using physical threats and money sent by Hassan Shire.

By Mohamud Jama

Hargeisa -Somaliland