Somalia Warning:Journalists are advised to be vigilant in the wake of Hassan Shire’s planned Journalists Assassination

637 – Credible information obtained from trustworthy source indicate that assassination attempt, organized and supervise by Hassan Shire, head of Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project , will take place by the end of January.

The source who wants to remain unanimous mentioned that the target is a group of local journalists in Mogadishu who started their own investigations into the allegations of Shire’s violations against Somali media fraternity.

Location of the assassination has been confirmed as either the Hooyooyinkabuilding, Tre Piano or KM4.  Hassan Ali Geesey, Shire’s handmade journalist, will be the middle man between Shire (the financier) and freelance militia who’ll carry out the killing.  Mohamed Ibrahim Pakistan has a role in organizing suitable rendezvous place, coordination of the last minute execution, and confirmation upon completion of the assassination.

Journalists are advised to carry out their investigation tasks in a low profile and be alert on any suspicious activities by Hassan Ali Geesey and Mohamed Ibrahim Pakistan.