Top Secret:Daesh is being established in Somalia?

864 – Abdikarim Osman Seenyo and Mustafe Osman Harqanle who previously financed terrorist organization of Qaeda are confirmed to establish their own Daesh or ISIL in Somalia to declare allegiance to the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and Syria.

That two business entrepreneurs have their QH in the United Arab Emirates, according to our sources.

“A man from Sheekhal tribe named Abdikarim Osman Seenyo , who previously managed logistics for militant of Al-Shabaab has now taken the project of ISIS,” said Fuad Shongole, a member of Al-Shabaab. 

Shongole said Seenyo and his brother has a company named as Hasco which supported the militant when it comes to the food stocks.

President of Galmudug Abdikarim accused of Seenyo for igniting the violence in Galkayo to get a chance for establishing Daesh.

However, Somalia became a place that anyone can do what he or she want without caring the interest of the nation.