Somalia:The Sa’ad sub-clan of the Habargidir selects a young educator as their MP representative (2016)


The Sa’ad sub-clan of the Habar Gidir have elected an educator as their representative MP following two months of meetings to discuss the person who will represent the interest of the Sa’ad tribe within the Somali Parliament for the next 6 years.

The tribe agreed on to select Ali Da’ad Abdul, who currently the supervisor of the humanitarian affairs for the Somali Embassy in Qatar as their representative in the year of 2016.

According to sources  Waaagacusub media obtained, Mr. Abdul received the letter from  the Sa’ad elders and politicians.

Mr. Abdul, who is known for his hard-working created jobs for the young people who work as security guards and humanitarian workers as well as educators.

Ali Da’ad Abdul was born in Kismayo on June 20, 1983.  He went Ahmed Gurey for his schooling till he graduated the secondary  2004-2005. Then he went Indian Ocean Institute in 2006 where he received his public health diploma. Then he flew to Kenya to continue his foreign languages studies at Atlas College.

After his Atlas College completion, he went to Uganda and joined Kampala International University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Kampala International University in 2012.

Mr. Abdul works now the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Mogadishu where he was appointed to manage  the UAE aid’s  contributions.

However, It is translated as a good sign since the elders recognized the good role that the young educators can play in terms of rebuilding the country.