Somalia: Former ICRC Cheif accused of stealing Aid money

6286– Hussein Ali Salad was bounced from his post as head of the ICRC. But why was he was sacked? Alright, different issues have been connected to that.

An investigation suggested that Mr Salad has committed corruption when he was running the office of the ICRC in the South of Somalia.

We are covering a series of disclosed information which his colleagues shared with us every week.

Part one

Date 10/ 01/2016

The place Mogadishu, Somalia

Symbol: 2016/01 / MGQ00001

Purpose: We are presenting evidence, how was spent the ICRC money allotted South of Somalia while Mr. Salad was the chief of ICRCR in the South of Somalia.

To make you understand the story, we are enlightening our readers how Mr. Salad became the agency’s head in the South and who helped him to be appointed the post. And we are exposing how the allotted money was used and those working with the former head of the ICRC in the South of Somalia.

In 1991, when the rebels overthrew the Somali central government the USC-SNA bargained to be given the post of the ICRC and to be named a man from Habargidir in which Ayr sub-clan of the Habar Gidir gave the credit to General Aideed for being appointed the head of the ICRC a man from their clan.

Without questioning Salad’s experience or asking any CVs, the Ayr sub-clan of the Habar Gidir appointed him blindly as the head of the agency in the South of Somalia.

The object was to help the poor IDPs which were affected by droughts, the civil war, famine, lack of shelter and medicine as well as thirsty since the agency’s aim is to help where the humanitarian crisis unfolding as the case of Somalia in the 1990s.

Instead of helping the desperate people Mr. Salad took advantage of the post since the donations did not reach the vulnerable people and forced the critics to keep mum about their fraud and the poor people remained voiceless for years. They managed to deceive the higher officials of the ICRC who mistakenly assumed that the ICRC had been helping the vulnerable people and went everything smoothly as intended.

However, the suspension has arisen when Mr Salad enriched himself for creating Corporate Housing owned by himself and money used by political purposes indirectly.

The question is, how can  ICRC chief who makes $900 a month can easily become a millionaire?

How he became a millionaire? How he made that money, are the questions come to everybody’s mind? 

He strove to direct and avail the assistance allotted to the poor, vulnerable people  by donors. He created a network of people among of them his relatives that helped him to direct the donations to where he wanted especially offices. The offices that were run by his relatives, his uncles, his cousins and not allowed others are:

Cashier’s Office. The cash assistance that’s used to brought from Kenya is taken a fee between 8 % and 12 % which means if the agency received an amount of money, let say ten million, it was taken a million and two hundred thousand U.S dollars respectively. This is one of an example to many accounts in Somalia which an agency work can be a millionaire overnight without any considerations.

The office of the buying rations for IDPs, especially the flour, the maize, the rice, the utensils, the tents, the bags, the medicine, etc. They used to raise the cost up to 50 %, for instance, a bag of  flour or sugar in the market is $15 they used to say it cost $30 which means if the agency demanded to be spent approximately five million U.S dollar to be assistance off the IDPs for their basic needs such as food and utensils Mr Salad had to take two million and five hundred thousand profit which equals half of the donations intended to reach the suffering.

The office of the exportation. The office of the ration exportation had reached a secret contract with Mr Salad. The secret contract indicates to increase the fee of the carrying foods more than the average fee which was  increased or added 15 %.

The representatives of the ICRC agency in the South of Somalia were stationed throughout the provinces of Banaadir, Jubbas, Hiraan, Shabbelas, Galgadud, Bay, Mudug and Gedo. All of them were hired with the condition of serving the interest of their boss, Mr Salad.

Profit sharing. The ICRC used to pass a false information and wrong census, for example, to say 1,500 families are suffering such and such places and each needs 1, 500 US dollars when the correct census is between 300 and 500 families. The rest of the money was taken by Mr Salad and his workers.

It is worth to mention that the agency reached an agreement with money transfer companies to offer the urgent needed financial assistances yet the representatives used to sign the money sent to their names without receiving the aid money since they were benefitting  the profit sharing equally, which was illegal.

Stay tuned as we will publish more about their names and contractors.