Mus-ab Abdullahi is a Norwegian Secret agent or Al-Shabaab dealer ?

2167 -Somali entrepreneurs in Emirates and Kenya are complaining against a man named Col Musab Abdullahi who is believed to be a member of the Norway’s secret intelligence of NIS.

“Mr Abdullahi, who is from a Hawiye father and Majeerteen mother told us that he is an agent in the NIS as well as Emirate and Kenya,” said a Somali businessman who asked not to be named.

Abdullahi told another businessperson that he helped Hawalas in Kenya which Kenya shut down over allegedly linking with the terrorist group of Al-Shabaab.

“He also responsible for transferring millions of dollars without legal process,” said the source.

He is a friend of Mohamed Sheikh, an official of the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) and also a relative of the Former State Minister for Presidency Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan.

“Mr Abdullahi is behind the planes hovering the sky of the Sool and Sanag regions,” said Keyse Yusuf, the minister of Interior and Security of Khaatumo state of Somalia.


A female member of the Somalia’s NISA, who was sent his house in Emirates found out his picture and a given medal. The medal on his table in the bedroom were written on it “NIS@2015” the sign of the Norway’s intelligence service and stated that the medal was given to Col Musab Abdullahi.

The extent of the connection between Abdullahi, who has lived in Tromso, Norway and Norway’s intelligence Service is not yet cleared to the media.

Mr Abdullahi has a very good connection with Nuradiin Yusuf Haji, a son of the former Kenya defence minister, according to a Kenyan intelligence office.

However, the money that Abdullahi transfers can easily end up in the hands Qaeda, Daesh and Al-Shabaab.

By Fadumo Farah