Kenya:Discipline Those Squabblers In Kiambu, Uhuru


A statement made by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week regarding the political intrigues in Kiambu and how these affect him, was not only disheartening, but downright defeatist. The declaration by the president that he would not visit Kiambu because of the wrangles between leaders in the county that he hails from, did not only depict him as faint-hearted, but also contemptuous of the people of the county who voted for him en-masse in 2013.

When the president announces in public that he is wary of visiting his home county because of the disagreements between leaders especially Governor William Kabogo and Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu, one is lost for words. One fails to understand how the president of the republic would go about reconciling the nation (a stated mission of the Jubilee government), if he is unable to reconcile those in his backyard and in his own words, “my friends”.

The presidency is supposed to be the symbol of unity and that is why the president of the republic and his deputy are expected to visit all corners of the country be they Cord or Jubilee zones and whether they got votes from these areas or not, preaching peace and unity. So far Uhuru has done very well visiting Luo Nyanza, the political stronghold of opposition leader Raila Odinga and other opposition zones, several times during his presidency. Were they in his shoes, some leaders would have avoided opposition strongholds in the fear of being unwelcome or maliciously because those regions did not give them votes in the last general election. So this thing about Kiambu, just don’t add up.

If Uhuru would get confused as he says by the petty squabbles between Kabogo and Waititu who are members of his ruling coalition and personal friends, how much more confused would he be made by the sharp disagreements between himself and for example Moses Wetangula or between him and Governor Hassan Joho? How confusing to him would the altercations between Joho and the so called Cord rebel MPs at the coast,