Somali Islamist agents Abduct a famous politician From Nairobi


Somali Intelligence kidnapped a powerful Somali opposition member from his hotel in Kenya, Waagacusub media reports.

Kenyan Officials abducted Abdinur Siyad better known as Abdiwal, a dual Somali-Kenyan citizen  and handed him over to  Somalia’s Islamist part of Damul Jadeed, a splinter of the Muslim brotherhood, believed to enjoy a relationship with Al-Shabaab.

According to intelligence sources from Kenyan agents, a businessman from Damul Jadeed Mr Hussein Ali Salad paid a hundred thousands of U.S dollar to Kenyan official to facilitate the kidnapping and eventually put on a top-secret  flight from Wilson Airport, Nairobi to Somalia in handcuffs.

Abdiwal has been criticizing  the policy of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s party of Damul Jadeed and his party member Abdikariim Hussein Guled, President of Galmudug State.

Two years ago, he was condemned to death, but he unprecedentedly left to Guri’el and  succeeded in avoiding that fate.

Upon arriving at Guri’el,  he formed his own powerful militias consisting of  about five hundred fighters equipped with  military vehicles and rejected to join the so-called Galmudug State.

Abdiwal told editor of Waagacusub on phone that  he received an invitation from Kenya’ Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed.

Damul Jadeed-ruled federal government will sentence him to death which will likely spark civil war since its targeting specific persons that are from Habargidir sub-clan of Ayr and-share clan-line with this politician.

Abdiwal was a warlord who joined the Alliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (ARPCT)  to fight against the extremists of Islamic Courts Union in 2004.

Somali federal government said that they arrested Mr Abdi for being a warlord but that is far from the reality since many warlords that killed innocent Somalis are still enjoying freedom. Some of them are Ali Mahdi Mohamed , Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Abdi Qeybdiid, Muse Suudi Yalahow, Mohamed Qanyare, Ali Mohamed Gedi, Abdulkadir Ali Omar, Botan Isse Alin, Mohamed Mohamud Gacmadere, Mohamed Said Atam, Muse Bihi Abdi, Adde Muse Hirsi,Ahmed Silanyo,Saleban Haglatosiye,Abdiweli Gaas, Abdilkariim Hussein Guled  Abdirahman Odowaa,Mahad Salaad,Hussein Goley,Hussein Ali Salad,Mohamed Deylaf.

However, the incident could be shame to Kenya’s government and will likely damage its reputation since immunity is granted to keep diplomats from being harassed while they do their work in foreign countries.