Former Interior CS Joseph ole Lenku urges Jubilee Party leaders to unite


Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku said failure to unite would see the Opposition clinch all the positions, including the gubernatorial seat he is eyeing. “I’m trying to reach out to every leader in this county so that we work together and strengthen our party so that when elections are called next year, we will be able to capture all the positions as happened during the last General Election,” said Mr Lenku. He was speaking yesterday during a political rally at Kuku in Oloitokitok

Lenku further appealed to leaders not to repeat the mistake they made during the last General Election where their candidate’s name was scrapped from the ballot paper at the last minute for lack of academic papers. All political seats were captured by the Government side, except the gubernatorial position, which was won by Orange Democratic Movement’s David Nkedianye. See also: Western Kenya residents reject jubilee party advances, say leaders Lenku has been preparing to run for governor.

His entry into the gubernatorial race could change the county’s political course since many of the leaders who spoke to The Standard think he lost his Cabinet position due to challenges in the security sector that were beyond him as a person. Mr Lenku reiterated that the county needed a person who could unite all the tribes and initiate development. “I’m ready to serve the people of Kajiado. This county is suffering from poor leadership and I have entered the race to help transform it,” he added. The appeal comes barely a few weeks after other gubernatorial aspirants such as Kenya Meat Commission Chairman Tarayia ole Kores and businessman George King’ori resisted a request to withdraw from the race, saying they would still seek the Jubilee ticket. “The idea by Mr Lenku to have all Jubilee leaders unite to strengthen the party is good. However, he should know that the issue of withdrawing my candidature in his favour is out of the question. He should wait for the verdict of JP supporters who will cast their votes at the nomination level,” said Mr King’ori.