Somali Journalist was denied Visa entrance to UK over his terrorism background


Somali Journalist Al-Adaala applied for a visa entrance to the United Kingdom but after security check he has rejected the visa, a diplomat working UK Embassy to Somalia told Waagacusub Media.

The rejection was connected to his previous links with the terrorist group of Al-Shabaab the years between 2006-2009.  Al-Adala worked for Mogadishu’s IQK-Holy Qu’ran Radio in which he received the training.

Journalist Al-Adaala, who worked as editor of Shabelle once fined $ 10 his fellow journalist Mohamed Bashir Hashi for not mentioning the title of Mukhtar  Rabow.

“Al-Adaala fined me $ 10 and cut my salary because instead of Saying Sheikh Mukhtar Rabow I said Mukhtar Rabow in the news,” said Hashi, who later became the editor of the Shabelle media.

Al-adaala was one of the forerunners of the pro- Al-Shabaab journalists who participated in the intimidation and murdering of the  Somali journalists particularly those rejected and denounced the terrorists criminal activities in Somalia and elsewhere. He got married a sister of Sa’id Iman, a senior Al-Shabaab member.

The conflict between Islamic Union Courts and Al-Shabaab started on the outskirts of  Baar Ubah neighborhood because of Iman.

Sa’id who hails from Habar Gidir sub-clan of Saleeban helped Al-adaala get married the girl but eventually they have disputed over the rejection for the position of Al-Shabaab media leadership.

Al-Adaala could not fulfil the qualifications of the religious affairs and the media. The post was appointed a man named Abdifatah who has a certificate. Abdifatah’s group name was Sheikh Yonis, Hassan Hanafi told us on a phone.

Al-adaala got upset and had joined the anti-Al-Shabaab team of Radio Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab senior official of Iman called the termination of his wife marriage and later arranged her to get married another Al-Shabaab member.

Waagacusub Media have obtained his voice record aired by Shabelle media in which he called the terrorists as ‘Mujahideen’ and Somali National Army as apostates.

However, It’s astounding when you see the former terrorists going on air posing as innocents and never asked for a sincere apology from the general public.