Somalia:Hassan Gesey, a journalist or a terrorist?


Hassan Hanafi, Somalia’s journalists killer has the first time confirmed Hassan Ali Geesey of being a member of Al-Shabaab who involved in the assassination of a number of Somali journalists including Sheikh Nur Abkey, Salad Hiis, Abdirahman Mohamed Ali, Abdullahi Fanah and Abdullahi Anogel.

 On March 3, 2016, A Somali military court sentenced to death Hanafi who helped Al-Shabab kill five of his fellow reporters.

“Hassan Ali Geesey is a member of the Shabaab’s amniyat, the group’s intelligence wing, and its propagandists. And he helped me find the activities of the targeted journalists,” Hanafi said in a statement.

He said both Mr. Geesey and Mohamed Ibrahim Bakistan participated in the murder of the journalists.

Sheikh Yusuf Isse ‘Kaba Kutukade’, hired Mr. Geesey who was trained to deal both the Federal Government of Somalia and the Western diplomats,” he added. “Mr. Bakistan updates daily the information about the government and Western diplomats to Senior Al-Shabaab militants particularly the group’s spokesperson Ali Dheere.”

In an interview in his jail, he told us that Somali Information Minister Maareeye is a member of the terrorist group and many times offered his vehicle to the suicide bombers the times of military combat operations.

Minister Maareeye declined to comment for this story when asked whether he is a member of Al-Shabaab or not.

Meanwhile, Senior Al-Shabaab member Hanafi whose story went viral provided clandestine information which he says the terrorist group receives the largest financial support from Dahabshiil Company. You can watch it here:. 

Dahabshiil’s CEO Abdirashid Duale could not be contacted for immediate comment.

The assassinated journalists are Horn Cable TV reporter Salad Hiis, Journalist Somali News Agency {SONNA} Mohamed Sheikh Nur Abkey, Former manager of Wagacusub Media website Abdirahman Mohamed Ali, Sunatimes editor Abdullahi Fanah and  former Waagacusub English Editor Abdullahi Anogel.

However, Hanafi’s became the first ever senior Al-Shabaab member who released the most sensitive information in regard of Minister Maareeye and Mr. Geesey and their involvement with the terrorist group which conducted terrorist activities in Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Uganda and Ethiopai.

By Dahir Alasow