Top lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi denies he sought bribe from witness


A lawyer who was previously mentioned by a witness before a tribunal as having solicited a bribe on Wednesday claimed that he has been a victim of wild allegations for reasons not known to him.

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi told a tribunal investigating integrity concerns raised against Justice Joseph Mutava that he had never asked for a bribe as had been alleged by Mrs Rose Mbithe, a director of Sehit Investments Ltd.

Ms Mbithe, who is among those who filed complaints before Judicial Service Commission, leading to the formation of a tribunal led by Appellate Judge David Maraga, to investigate Justice Mutava, had told the tribunal last week that the lawyer demanded a bribe from her so that he could assist her in relation to a matter before court.

“It is insulting for somebody to say that I can be compromised in a matter before court. I argue my clients’ cases with the zeal of a missionary, and with one goal, which is to win the cases,” said lawyer Abdullahi.

The lawyer said he knew Ms Mbithe, having met her in court, but had never sought any bribe, adding that untruthful allegations have been made against him including one stating that he had influenced the transfer of certain judges.

The tribunal hearing resumes next Tuesday.