My alcoholic days are behind me, says chief shown drunk on video


An assistant chief who was filmed in a drunken stupor while in official uniform says he is a reformed man and ready to return to work.

Mr Joseph Wycliffe Rotich, the assistant chief of Mawingu Sub-Location in Nakuru County, said the days of alcohol addiction are behind him as he pleaded with the President to reinstate him.

After spending 53 days at the drug rehabilitation unit of Mathari Hospital, Nairobi, Mr Rotich claimed he was a changed man and swore he will never touch alcohol again.

He said he was ready to return to work and use his newly acquired knowledge in the fight against illicit liquor.

“When the embarrassing video clip of me went viral, the government, through Nacada, came to my rescue,” said Mr Rotich. “Today, after two months of rehabilitation, counselling and support from my family, I am ready to return home.”

In the video clip that was recorded during President Uhuru Kenyatta’s visit to Nakuru in March, the 50-year-old father of six is seen rolling on the ground outside a bar in Kuresoi while addressing the President incoherently.

“My name is Chief Rotich and I am the most drunken chief in this region. I have accepted that and I am never ashamed,” says the chief in the video.

Then followed his dramatic suspension as he was declared a “disgrace” who had betrayed the government’s crackdown on illicit liquor and drugs. It was ironic that a man who was supposed to be on the frontline in the campaign was among those battling alcoholism.

“I would like to ask for forgiveness because I was seen misbehaving in that video. I was addicted and I believe addiction is a sickness of which I am healed today,” he said.